My re-introduction to Yoga

September 2020

When the children were small, I had enjoyed Hatha Yoga with a wonderful Lady called Dorothy who was in her 80s and was completely amazing. Only problem was, the chap who always fell asleep during relaxation and snored like a fog horn!

Life eventually got in the way and Yoga took a back seat, right up until early 2018 when I felt I needed to bring it back into my life. After a google search for local classes, I found, in fact, much more than just a simple yoga class! This centre is where my Yang is put into place with Yin, led by a totally inspirational woman, who I believe the universe brought into my path at the perfect time. 

Through this Yoga ‘journey’ I have had the opportunity to experience Reiki Holy Fire, Theta Group Healing and Sound Baths, all of which correspond so beautifully with my Reiki. 

I delved deeper into Yoga during lockdown, via zoom, with a small group of like minded people led by Praveen. We studied and discussed the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”. 

Yoga, like Reiki, is superb for the mind, body and soul.